IT doesn’t have to be complicated.

Problems can be complex, but if the solution doesn’t make your life easier, it’s not really the right solution. Imagine a company that gets that, and strives to make solutions that actually improve processes, businesses, and lives.

What I do

With more than 20 years in the field, I’m a highly experienced independent consultant with expertise in all aspects of Information Technology. From network and IT infrastructure, web projects, application development, project management, team and department management, I’ve helped companies large and small make IT more responsive and efficient.


Networks, PCs, servers, phones, printers, software, patch management, on and on. It’s not sexy but infrastructure is still the backbone of companies and all of it needs experienced people to maintain and grow with your business. If your IT infrastructure is feeling like a cost center, let me help you discover how IT can drive profits without huge expenditures.

Web and Mobile

IT is more mobile that ever before. Desktops, tablets, and phones, they all extend the workplace and enhance productivity with internet enabled technologies. Whether it’s building out your company website, web application development, or internet integration into existing apps and infrastructure, I can help drive growth and lower costs.


IT isn’t really about technology; it’s about enabling people. For the IT department to deliver for the company, the staff needs great management. IT staff doesn’t always understand how IT and business goals align. I have a proven track record of building trust and a team-oriented environment that empowers people bridges the gap between business and technology.

I help simplify.

With over 20 years of experience in IT, there isn’t a lot I haven’t done. In the end it all comes down to helping make complex problems easier to manage, doing more with less, and helping companies perform better. If IT isn’t serving the business, it isn’t doing it’s job.

It’s not always the fault of the machines; IT staff also can benefit from better understanding the alignment of IT objectives with business objectives. Technology should make people’s work easier, and the people driving the technology have to make that tech simple. My expertise makes that process simple.

Let’s Work Together

I’m always open for new projects and new possibilities. Let’s talk about your needs and how to simplify your IT problems. Because it doesn’t have to be complicated.


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